Barossa Birds – the Good and the Bad


The Barossa serves as home to a wonderful array of birds, if you’re into that sort of thing. (I am, I admit, though I am not a twitcher  yet.) From wrens to kookaburras, rosellas to pardalotes and boobooks, you can[…]

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Boobooks in the Barossa

Way back at the beginning of Barossa Dirt, I wrote about tripping over a peacock. I didn’t hurt the peacock, but it wasn’t  a very nice experience for me or the bird. I have recently made some amends for that.[…]

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Getting all twittery mid-vintage


There’s nothing quite like a lineup of 50 wines staring you in the face at 9:30 in the morning. I know winemakers can go through hundreds of samples in a day, teasing out the intricacies of smells and flavours, but[…]

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The grapes are coming!

Quick change of plans here. I was planning to write about winemakers, specifically bored winemakers, waiting for the grapes to ripen. In this long, cool vintage, grape picking is starting a good 3-4 weeks behind normal. For instance, by this[…]

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Easy Living in the Barossa Summer

I am just back from a month in the USA. I truly enjoy the Napa Valley, and the week we spent in Boston was a fresh taste of one of the great cities in the world. But … Napa Valley is drop[…]

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Hop on the Great Wine Adventure

Barossa Cellar Door experience with the GSAWA

One side of the Barossa: historical wineries, gnarly old vines, traditional foods, a true sense of place. Another side: Twitter, FourSquare, the big wide world online and drawn to the Barossa. Two scruffy wine guys in a blue Kombi van[…]

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All This Wine I Cannot Taste

One of the great things about living in the Barossa is the wine. Or should I say, it is the great thing, aside from the people and the scenery and the history. It is impossible to taste and know every wine here …

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