Lunch with a Barossa Legend


‘Lunch with a Barossa Legend’ Charity Auction Barossa Grape & Wine Association, in association with Langton’s Wine Auctions, is running the ‘Lunch with a Barossa Legend’ Charity Auction via online bidding at opening at 7pm EST on Monday 8[…]

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2014 Barossa Generations Lunch


The 2014 Barossa Generations Lunch – looking back and to the future Tickets for the 2014 Barossa Generations Lunch went on sale last week, with a flurry of excitement around the lunch theme: “Who Do You Think You Are Barossa? […]

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Just when you thought you knew everything…

Winning the auction at 2012 Barossa Wine Show

Now and again in life, something comes along to remind you of something important.  For me, being an Associate Judge at the 2013 Barossa Wine Show (I can’t say ‘judging’ because that esteemed role is at this point way beyond[…]

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2014 Grape Barossa Grower Service Award


Ladies and gentlemen, On behalf of Grape Barossa I would like to thank the Barons for welcoming us to be a part of today’s event once again. The Grape Barossa Grower Service Award was established to annually recognise the outstanding[…]

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