Prowein and the Langton’s Narrative

“The Public Gets What The Public Wants…” Going Underground, The Jam Supply and demand. It is not a new idea, but it is one that the wine world still struggles with. Until the recent past, distribution would drive demand better[…]

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Barossa Breaks New Ground in Hong Kong

Barossa Grounds

Barossa Grape & Wine took its new range of Chapter Tastings to an exclusive trade audience in Hong Kong on Wednesday 2 November, sharing insight and wines themed on ‘Barossa Grounds’ – the tapestry of original parishes that make up[…]

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Cambridge till I die


Spending a Saturday afternoon on the Terraces being a diehard supporter of an English Football team is a ritual, or more precisely an almost religious part of one’s life that I now have a full appreciation of as we gathered[…]

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Shoulder to Shoulder

It’s 9.30 in the morning and bleary-eyed winemakers are finding their way through the frosty Melbourne parklands to the Exhibition Hall for what is one of the first wine fairs of the year.  Trestle tasting benches are set, dressed with[…]

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Easy Living in the Barossa Summer

I am just back from a month in the USA. I truly enjoy the Napa Valley, and the week we spent in Boston was a fresh taste of one of the great cities in the world. But … Napa Valley is drop[…]

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Tour de France

Checking in again, after getting home from an amazing research tour in France. I had the amazing fortune to be invited on a tour of France, through one of our great barrel suppliers, Tonellerie Boutes, based in Bordeaux. The trip[…]

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Stuey B in the Land of the Long White Cloud

mt manganui

Just got back from a short trip, promoting the Barossa and the wines we make, to the inhabitants of the Land of the Long White Cloud. New Zealand is an amazing place, incredible countryside, lovely people and a very switched[…]

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A picture tells a thousand words

They say a picture tells a thousand words, but with the first photo (to me) it tells about 21,000 words………….coz that’s how many people were in the Bell Centre Ice Hockey Stadium in Montreal the other night, when I saw[…]

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