Food Q&A: Jan Angas’ table reflects the season’s work on Hutton Vale

Jan Angas

Jan Angas, Hutton Vale

Jan Angas calls herself a custodian of Hutton Vale, a 2,000 acre mixed-farming property in Eden Valley that was established in 1843. In her own words: “Food is part of every day, in my life. Living on a mixed farm we grow, pick, cook and eat. Our table is a reflection of the season’s work – not the supermarket shopping. Flavour all comes from the produce, not hard work in the kitchen, I hope. Unless of course one is preserving the oversupply, harder work kicks in then, but it’s very rewarding. Especially when the pantry is full for next season, with tastes of the last season.”

1. Favourite autumn ingredient(s): quinces, tarragon, lamb and the easing pressure from tomato and zucchini oversupply!

2. Wine to pair with that: quinces with a Flaxman Sparkling Shiraz, lamb with Hutton Vale Cabernet

3. Best autumn meal you have ever eaten: simple slow-roasted late variety peaches and Jersey fresh cream with relaxed, kind-hearted people to share.

4. Favourite places to find ingredients: in the garden and at the Barossa Farmers Market, and the Central Market if in Adelaide.

5. Grower(s) you keep dialled into your phone: many of them, and I am not sharing, as you might get to them first!

6. Go-to cookbook(s): I read them all, then do my own thing. It is hard to cook and read at the same time. Better to drink wine and cook.

7. Dusty cookbook on the shelf you want to revisit: always get pleasure reading Mrs Beeton’s – it is a classic!

8. Mettwurst: plain or garlic? garlic, no question about it.

9. Rotegreutze: revelation or revulsion? depends on what dish it is served on: plastic bowl, yuk; elegant glass, exotic.

10. New autumn idea: not to plant too many broad beans! And keep up the charge on lamb belly rivalling my friend the pork belly.

11. Wine to pair with that: definitely Barossa red, one of Pete Schell’s Spinifex always works, if not a Hutton Vale!

Hutton Vale sell their lamb at the Barossa Farmers Market each Saturday morning, and their Farm Follies preserves and Hutton Vale wines are found throughout the valley. They also sell their wine via their website.

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