Shoulder to Shoulder

It’s 9.30 in the morning and bleary-eyed winemakers are finding their way through the frosty Melbourne parklands to the Exhibition Hall for what is one of the first wine fairs of the year.  Trestle tasting benches are set, dressed with white clothes and regimental bottle displays with wine regions of the world segregated yet unified to best promote their wines and unique terrior.

From Las Vegas to London, Hong Kong to Hamburg this familiar scene is a recycled formula that best allows wine lovers from around the world to meet the maker and perhaps even more importantly for the makers to meet their customers. Wine fairs and exhibitions play and important role in brand engagement that alleviates perception of mass produced faceless brands that fill bottle shop shelves and installs a realisation and belief in substance and depth.


James Lindner (Langmeil Winery) and Kym Teusner (Teusner Wines)


On this occasion standing next me is Kym Teusner of Teusner Wines who on the eve of vintage has managed to slip out of the winery to participate and share his wines and stories.  Over the last twelve months Teusner has seen six of those on the road around the world engaging with consumers, talking and tasting Barossa and how he fits into it.

“Winemaking aside the greatest part of my job is that I get to travel around the globe, meeting great people, sharing my wines and having fun doing it” Teusner said. “But those good times are amplified when you get to travel around with mates and share the Barossa yarn together”.


Encapsulated in what Teusner said, and as I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, the strength of the Barossa is our ability to unify and work as a team, whether it be in the vineyard, winery or on the road. Together we stand; together we drink, shoulder to shoulder!


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